Setting up printers at MKI

MKI maintains a great many printers in Blg 37 and NE83 (NW22 (LIGO) printers are maintained sepa- rately). To connect your machine to a printer, either follow the instructions on the sheet by the printer (also available here), or the instructions below.

If a printer is having problems, sending an email to will get it fixed.

MKI Xerox Printers

Please follow the below to set up an MKI printer.

0. Go the the printer you are trying to set up and copy the printer’s hostname (e.g. Please do not copy or use the IP address to set up printers.

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Select Print & Fax.

3. Click the ‘+’ underneath the list of printers in the left pane and go to the IP tab in the resulting window.

4. Fill in the information as shown in the illustration. Replace the entry in the Address field with the printer’s hostname, as identified on the printer’s label. For example, put in the field in order to set up the Phaser 7800 in 37-518.

5. Make sure that the Protocol menu is set to HP Jetdirect – Socket.

6. Computers on the wired network should automatically populate the Use menu with the correct driver. If it instead recommends a generic driver, choose “Select Software. . . ” from the menu and find the appropriate driver in the list. If the driver does not appear in the list, close the window, download and install the driver package from, and start the process again.

7. Click the Add button.

8. Computers on the wired network should automatically configure the printer’s options. Laptops and other wifi-based computers should be fine with the default options.